Public transport pet peeves

You board a busy commuter train, but despite people standing, there are a few ‘free’ seats, currently occupied by some impolite passengers’ bags.

You hear a commuter rustling through a bag of chips, tipping the remaining crumbs into his mouth, scattering a few on the floor. Suddenly, someone’s mobile blares – the loud ringtone echoing through the train’s carriages.

The phone’s owner begins to loudly recount their busy weekend and Saturday night out. Nudging your way past other passengers, you get a strong whiff of someone who may have showered last week. The odour makes you gag and cover your mouth.

Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? While this example is an exaggeration of what public transport users experience, these are some of the unfortunate scenarios passengers encounter daily.  Public transport has its positives like letting passengers relax on their daily commute, read and book and zone out for a little while. However, passenger etiquette is important so everyone has a comfortable ride.

Let us know what annoys you most when catching public transport in the poll below.

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