How to prep your house for summer

Escape the heat by spending some of the warmer days in the comfort of your own home.

RAA Trade Assist can help get your humble abode ready for summer, whether you’re lazing on the lounge watching the cricket or cooking a barbecue on the deck with mates.

1. Install roller blinds

We’re definitely in need of some Vitamin D after the chilly weather, but when the sun’s glare gets in the way of witnessing Australia win the test series, there’s a problem. Get roller blinds installed to shut out the arvo sun so you don’t miss an important wicket or run.

Just don’t forget to roll it back up to catch the last few rays before the sun sets.

Roller blinds in living room
Control the sun’s rays with roller blinds. Image: Getty

2. Clean your gutters

Before the weather heats up and the fun begins, there are a few precautions to take. That includes mundane (but important) chores like cleaning your gutters. If you live in bushfire prone areas, get a qualified roof repairer to clear gutters to reduce the likelihood of spot fires.

Keeping the gutters clean
Keeping the gutters clean. Image: Getty

3. Scrub your solar panels

The sun is your home’s best friend if you have solar panels. Giving your panels a good clean before summer is a great way to make sure your system is performing at peak capacity. Why? A study presented to the 2021 World Renewable Energy Congress shows solar panels can lose between four and 20 per cent of their effectiveness if they’re dirty.

Enlist the help of our trusted trades to get the job done safely.

Get the most out of your solar panels.
Get the most out of your solar panels. Image: Getty

4. Build a deck

Chilling out on the deck entertaining loved ones sounds like the ideal summer, doesn’t it? There’s a big dilemma though. You don’t have a deck – not yet anyway.

While you can attempt a DIY job, there’s a lot to consider, like the type of timber you need, the overall design of the deck and waterproofing.

Save yourself the splinters and get help from a qualified carpenter.

Garden deck
A great addition to the backyard. Image: Getty

5. Install smoke alarms

Chances are you know your smoke alarms work, particularly if they go off when you burn dinner. But triple-checking they’re installed correctly is important. According to RAA Insurance, there were 346 house-fire claims last summer compared to 144 claims in winter.

Get a qualified electrician to check they’re located in the safest spots and working correctly.

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