7 ways to prevent a DIY disaster

Those precious days off during Christmas holidays can provide the perfect opportunity to fix a few things around the house, or freshen up your living space ahead of the New Year. But if you’re not careful, it can also result in some DIY disasters. Here’s how to avoid them:  

Dress to impress…

You might not win any fashion awards, but wearing appropriate clothing for the task at hand may save you – literally.  

Power up

Sometimes there’s no avoiding the use of power tools to get a job done. Make sure you use the right one, and that it’s in serviceable condition before you even switch it on. When not in use, unplug it straight away. An unplugged power tool can’t accidentally turn on and cause injuries.  

Handy hammering hint

Eliminate the risk of hitting your fingers with a hammer by using a small blob of Blu Tack to hold nails in place while you hammer them in.  

Snakes and Ladders

Before you even thinking about climbing a ladder, make sure it’s resting on or against a stable, level surface –somewhere it can’t be knocked over. Never stand higher than the third rung from the top, and keep your centre of gravity between the side rails.

Safety Santa knows how to climb a ladder.


Don’t take a trip

Cords and extension leads are useful but are also one of the biggest trip hazards on a work site. Always keep things neat and tidy and pack up after yourself. Use tape to keep cords against walls.  

Paint it red (or white)

Make sure you’ve got good ventilation if you’re painting indoors – chemical fumes from certain paints can cause eye and respiratory irritation, dizziness and headaches. Open windows and doors, and us a portable fan to help direct any fumes outside.  

Leave it to the professionals

This one’s pretty straightforward; never do electrical work yourself. The DIY movement is all about saving pennies, but if you don’t know what you’re doing there’s a very real possibility you could end up losing money, or find yourself life up like a Christmas tree.