3 reasons to wash your car

Have you ever left your car unwashed for so long that it has brown, dusty, coating on the exterior? Then, some prankster writes “wash me” in the grime on the back window?

Really dirty cars are more common than you might think. In fact, one in five people who responded to a recent sa move poll said they never wash their car.

That means there’s either a lot of motorists driving dirty vehicles or 20 per cent of people are outsourcing their car washing duties.

As annoying as the practical joker writing on your car might be, you probably should take their advice. Here’s why.

1. A clear view

You wouldn’t want to drive a vehicle that has windows covered with dirt, would you? It makes it tricky to see where you’re going and can increase sun glare through your windscreen.

It’s not just your windows that need to be cleaned regularly. Washing your vehicle also helps give you a clear view in your mirrors. Just think how many times you use your mirrors when driving just a short distance. You want to make sure you can see other people on the road when they’re behind you.

Don’t forget the lights either. Clean headlights mean maximum illumination – a must when you’re driving at night or in bad weather.

A man washing his windscreen
Give your car’s windscreen a wash so you can see the road clearly. Image: Getty

2. Save money

You might have to pay a bit for cleaning products or a trip to the car wash, but being able to see out of your windscreen can save you money – here’s why. If you have a dirty windscreen and can’t see when you’re at the wheel, you could be fined $215, plus a $99 Victims of Crime Levy, for driving without having a clear view.

Is your car so dirty that the number plate is difficult to read? Do you and your wallet a favour and wash the number plate with a sponge before you leave the driveway. If you drive your car with the number plate obscured by a substance, you risk a $552 fine and $99 Victims of Crime Levy.

3. Protect your paintwork

We put a lot of emphasis on regularly servicing our car to prolong its lifespan, but a clean vehicle, which helps protect the paintwork, shouldn’t be overlooked.

Washing your car regularly will help prevent rust, scratches and dull paint – all factors that can depreciate the value of your vehicle. Bird droppings and tree sap are bad news for your car’s paintwork. Due to their acidic nature, they can eat away at the paint, so you need to make sure they’re washed off regularly.

Regularly washing your car will help protect the paintwork. Image: Getty