Quiz: Are you up to speed?

Sometimes when you’re on the road, you may be left asking, “what’s the speed limit?” Take our quiz and test your speed-limit knowledge.

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1. You’re driving along an undivided single-lane road, and see an emergency vehicle on your side of the road with its lights flashing red and blue. What is the speed limit when you pass the emergency vehicle?

2. You’re travelling on a 110km/h rural road in outback South Australia and turn left onto a wide sealed road, still in a non-built-up area, but there isn’t a speed-limit sign. What speed limit applies?

3. You’re travelling along the Southern Expressway at the Darlington interchange and the speed limit is 80km/h. About 200m ahead, you see a 100km/h speed-limit sign. Can you speed up straight away or do you need to wait until you pass the sign?

4. What’s the maximum speed limit for an e-bike?

5. You’re approaching a school bus that’s stopped to drop off or pick up children. What’s the speed limit when passing a school bus in this scenario?

6. When ‘keep left unless overtaking’ signs aren’t present on a multi-lane road, at what speed does the keep left unless overtaking rule apply?

7. What’s the default speed limit on South Australian beaches when no pedestrians are present?

8. You’ve hitched your trailer, boat or caravan to the back of your car, and you’re ready to hit the road. Before you back out of the driveway, what’s the maximum speed a light vehicle can travel when towing in South Australia?

9. What’s the maximum speed a driver with a learner permit or P1 licence can travel?

10. You’re about to turn from a local street onto Unley Road and see the ‘end 40 area’ sign, as shown in the illustration. What does it mean?

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