How much can I save by switching to solar?

Since the early 2000s, solar panels have blanketed homes across the state, providing energy options and independence to hundreds of thousands of South Aussies.

Once considered a space-aged luxury out of reach for most working families, the price of solar power has drastically decreased over the past decade.

“Today, more than 370,000 South Australian homes have embraced solar, and more than 21,000 battery systems have been installed since 2020”, RAA Product and Pricing Manger for RAA Solar, Dennis Taarnby, says.

It’s no surprise, considering the benefits.

As you’ve no doubt heard, solar panels and battery storage will slash your power bills, drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and eventually save you more money than the cost of installation.

While for the most part, these claims are true, there’s an alarming amount of misinformation on the internet about how much (or little) you can save by installing solar panels and battery storage.

Something that is true is the range of cheap, poor quality and unethically sourced panels and inverters on the market.

“With solar energy, you definitely get what you pay for”, Dennis says.

Solar panels on a house in Adelaide. Image: iStock
Image: iStock

Based on our sums, a home using an average of 15-18kWh of electricity per day with a smallish 6.6kW solar system installed, will spend about $2000 less on energy bills per year. A larger system can mean even bigger savings as energy prices rise.

In this case, a solar system will pay for itself in about three years.

As Australia transitions from fossil fuels to an electrified future, including electric vehicles, our ability to generate our own cost-effective energy will become even more relevant. We’ll become less reliant on the electricity grid and enjoy even greater savings in years to come.

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